Archives department of

Brovary town council of

Kyiv regiond


History of Archive

Фото архіву відсутнє

The archival department of the Brovarsky City Council, together with the district, restored its activity in 1945, immediately after the end of the war. In 1972, when Brovary became a city of regional subordination, two archives were formed - city and district. By the decision of the Brovarsky City Council No. 104-04-24 of 31.10.2002. Brovarsky city state archive of Brovary city council renamed the archival department of Brovarsky city council

An executive committee of Brovarskoy city advice is the Record office of the Kievan area

From 1968r. for 1985 managing an archive Grin' Alina was appointed Grigory. In 1972 years, when Brovari became the city of regional submission, two archives appeared – city and district.     From 07.03.1985r. on 14.03.1995 year the manager of archive there was Kupranova Valentyna Vasyl.     From on 30.10.2006 year manager of archive Dacenko worked Vera Ivan.

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