Archives department of

Brovary town council of

Kyiv regiond



In the state Department 2 people :head - Kiselev Sergey and chief specialist - Nikolaychuk Svetlana Vladimirovna.

Kiselev Sergey


the head of the archives Department By order of the mayor No. 185-OS 23.09. 2013 appointed

February 1979, Kiev Institute of civil aviation engineers, mechanical engineer; February 2000, Kharkiv national them. I. the Wise law Academy, law

In accordance with the Regulations on archival Department of Brovary city Council head of Department: manages the activities of the Department, shall be personally responsible for fulfilling the Department's objectives; approves the functional responsibilities of the Department; issues within its competence orders, organizes and supervises their implementation; develops projects of normative-legal acts, conducts the examination of projects of such acts; makes proposals to the city head regarding the appointment, dismissal of employees; comes with application to the urban mind regarding the use of funds received from rendering (performing) Department of paid services (works); without a power of attorney acts on behalf of the Department, represents the interests of the Department in court, in the bodies of state power and bodies of local self-government, other organizations, relations with legal entities and citizens.

Nikolaychuk Svetlana Vladimirovna


chief specialist appointed by order of the mayor from 09.07.2008 No. 114-OS

06.1986 Kiev civil engineering Institute, engineer

provides storage, accounting, and protection of documents of the National archival Fund, oversees the archival departments of institutions, organizations and enterprises of the city, takes in the prescribed manner on the storage of documents from institutions, organizations, enterprises, checks the documents stored in the archive Department, performs other duties.